Saturday, June 3, 2017

Spark-tacular Saturday!

 Oh Yeah, Baby! This card sparkles! And I don't want you to freak out about the 12 tiny little panels that need to be individually cut on your BigShot, I have an easy solution for you.

The big flower shape is from the Eastern Elegance bundle and the sentiment from Pocket Full of Sunshine. Perfect together (which is a different set, not used here ha ha). Now, the squares are the Layering Squares dies. I just kept the die and scrap white and black card stock next to my BigShot. Every time I cut anything, I also cut a square. When I had a big stack of black and white squares, I set to work on this card.  I used a big glob of white glue on the back of each square, which allows the panel to settle into the glitter paper and stick well, as paper and glitter tend to be a tad difficult to adhere together.  And if you have a few clothes pins or quilting clips, they can help you get the squares perfectly aligned. (see picture at bottom)

Quilting clips! Oh yeah! Love these babies. Never used for quilts but often used for card making. Grab them with your coupon at your fabric store, avoid the rubber stamp section and hustle home to make this sparkly card!

Then grab your calendar and invite your friends over to make a card. I'll be happy to drop in, bring the supplies and make some cards with you! Or you can all drop over to my place. Stampin Up "hearts" you during June and wants to reward you with extra stamps and embellishments! So Comment here and let's party together!

Happy Stampin
Dee Tollaksen

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