Friday, June 16, 2017

Can't drive & snap photos

So I'm driving along, on a regular route through Palatine, just whistling a happy tune, when I see a sign at Jiffy Lube that makes me want to grab the ol' Iphone so I can grab a photo, but since I'm law-abiding and uncoordinated, the moment passes before I can snap it and when I complete my round of errands, the faux pas is repaired. Dang it. So I just zip on home and make my own version, because, of course, you should "Art Your Life Here!"  Seriously! Who would want to "Start Your Life Here!" at Jiffy Lube! Well, maybe it is a place to start, but only if they work on old cars that have issues. And definitely, no one wants to Art their life at Jiffy Lube, right?

So, come on over! And Art Your Life!

Happy Stampin -- and plan to be at the stampy garage sale next saturday, June 24 at 9:00. Unless you are a VIP, then pop in early at 8:30 (Stamp Clubbers and past hostesses are VIPs)

Dee Tollaksen

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