Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pretty Packages all tied up with string

After I have stamped so many cards all year long and saved every scrap of cardstock and every tiny piece of glimmer paper, there comes a time when I have to figure out what to do with it.  Use or clear it out of here! And with the New Year approaching, I definitely get an itch to clean house and clear out the bits and snips and little  piles of "good stuff" that accumulate.

Making tags like these and fancy bags is a great way to go through all the saved bits and make your packages look gorgeous. Spread out on the bed or floor with your bins and your glue and just keep punching shapes until there is nothing left but absolute trash and punched shapes, then group the shapes. Stack them up, make sure there is a bit of bling, some texture and use up those odd buttons and brads.
 Every little piece of ribbon and length of twine can find a place on a tag. Every piece of doily. These packages look fabulous with all the stars and they are from the smallest bits of glimmer paper.

Once you have the tags, attach them to the bags and boxes and containers in your stash. Line them up or group them on tables and shelves, as decor for the next few weeks. Then as you shop and prep for Christmas you will be ready to just pop the gifts in, add a name to the tag and move them under the tree!

And you will think of me and be happy because you have more room in your craft cave for more supplies! LOL

Call me and come on over and stamp!
Dee Tollaksen

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