Saturday, September 29, 2012

Simply fabulous

 Do you feel a crisp snap in the air this morning? As much as I love a nice hot summer, stretching as long as possible, it is refreshing to see the next season coming, to feel change in the air.

I know you loved the fancy pumpkin I posted last week, but it looks like a bit of work. Where is that hot glue gun anyway? So here is a simpler version, that still looks fabulous but doesn't involve half the work.

Can you find your circle punch? Great. Use the biggest circle you have, cut about 10 of them, then chop off a quarter of each circle, exactly the same size and shape, but go wild using up all your orange/red/peach/coral scraps of card stock.

After you get them all the same size and shape, score right down the center, then fold them in half.

I used the white Tombo Multi purpose glue, it seems like the best choice. Just slather up one surface and match it up to another half-circle. Keep gluing til it looks like a big fan.
I am holding the whole fan in my hand here, and preparing to connect the east to the west.

Still using the same glue, I stuck a piece of paper ribbon in the top, and a few curled scraps of chocolate chip card stock.

Then grab that gorgeous gold glass glitter and go crazy!

You can handle this! But if you rather the mess be at my house, just call!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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