Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water jar

 Ooooo, yuck! Of course I hate spiders. Certainly our brains are wired to make us hop around and scream and flap our hands when we see a spider, right? Oh, not everyone does that? Just me?


These spiders are smart guys, they have been captured in the preserving jar, but they have knocked the lid off and are escaping, so find a shoe and get ready to smack 'em!

I do know that it is still August, Halloween is a few weeks away, but I LOVE the Perfectly Preserved stamp set, and I just wanted to do something creative with it.

And in the second picture, my boys. The Marine who visited for a few days last week, having a good laugh with the dog. This terrier feels he must growl and bare his teeth at anyone standing between me and the dog, so my son just scooped him up and gave him some love, completely disarming the dog!  I was trying to figure out why the angle is so dramatic, it looks like I might have been sitting down, Steve's head appears to be touching the ceiling!  But my 5'7" normal height just doesn't compare to the height of my very tall son, and the picture sure exaggerates his height!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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