Monday, July 23, 2012

Friends in high places

That's Mike Diehl. I know you can guess which one of us is Mike. Barbara on the left, then me, then Mr. SU, then Catherine.  Mike is a demonstrator in NY state. He is one of the elite group of male demonstrators, but he was just one of the gang while we were in Salt Lake City this week. Before he left, he had the company logo shaved into his hair, and without a doubt, was the most photographed person at convention. Well, maybe Shelli was the most photographed, but Mike's head was VERY popular.

Because we were such good buddies, we took extra care with the back of our hair, so if we got caught in any pix, we would be looking good!

Being Mike, he finagled an invite backstage. Being his entourage, we went with him. He stood and chatted with Shelli for quite a while, and I shot a few pix, so here he is telling her why he wears lime green converse shoes. Isn't she kind to give him her attention when all she wanted to do was take off those heels and head home?

Can you see the carpet? That's backstage. Yes, the details and glamour are unbelievable!

I have a goofy collection of bad pictures, but I don't want to ignore Marisa Gunn. She is a "side line" demonstrator in my group. She submitted a collection of work for consideration and is one of only 10 demonstrators chosen as Artisan Award Winners. I don't have a shot of her, but I did take a picture of her winning submissions.

She wins a cash prize, product prizes and she will get new stamps every month and her work will be featured every month on the demonstrator website. I'm telling you, it is a HUGE honor!

Aren't they great? She did an awesome job and there was some tough competition!

Every session at convention, there are "Prize Patrol" giveaways. I don't have a picture of Catherine winning, but she did. Here is a picture of Barbara winning. Nope. No pic of me. . . cause I didn't win. I'm not complaining because my haul of goodies is so ginormous!

This picture shows the stamps and some of the fabric and rhinestones, but there is so much more! DSP, ribbon, buttons, fabric. Unbelievable!

Still here? Okay, I had to give you a pic of Catherine. She can't pull herself away from Shelli. Mike is still talking about teaching 2nd grade, being a guy demonstrator, green shoes, spending 4 days with 3500 women, I don't know what all he was telling Shelli! But Catherine was mesmerized as well, and I was so nervous I was giggling like I was backstage with the Backstreet Boys. LOL

Finally, we were so tired, everything was sore but we still looked fabulous. Right? Well, our feet looked great! Barbara made both of us these cute embellishments for our flip flops and they were very popular.

Next year is the 25th anniversary for Stampin' Up!  If you think it was fun and that we got lots of goodies, just imagine next year! Mark your calendar for July 18, call me or leave a comment. You are soooo invited to join us! Really, I would love to have you come along!

Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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  1. WOW what a long post and so many pictures of me. You have to stop that. Meeting backstage with Shelli was a highlight that I will always remember. Convention was spectacular.