Thursday, August 10, 2017

No, it isn't too hot to prep for Christmas!

Want to feel a little cooler on a hot summer night? Make Christmas cards! Somehow it has a way of taking the heat off! Maybe it's because you know you are taking the stress off of a holiday task that you "want to do" but it is just one of 100 other things you "want" or "need" to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you were in my Christmas Card Club you would be well on your way to a tall stack of pretty cards ready to mail to friends and family this holiday season! But you can still join us for the next 3 months. Just RSVP that you want to attend or purchase the "to-go" packet and I will do all the planning, cutting, scoring and prep for 12 cards (4 copies of 3 designs each month) for just $30. Shipping extra.

The first one pictured here uses the A Little Wild stamp set and "galaxy technique" on watercolor paper. Intrigued? It is very easy and lots of fun, leave a comment and I can do a video if anyone is interested.

Next is one of last year's most popular bundles, Cookie Cutter stamps & punch. I have added red noses so of course it looks like Rudolf and his best girl deer.

Finally for August we had the Eastern Beauty bundle masquerading as a poinsettia! So pretty, and easy. I try to make the cards flat and lightweight so mailing them will be no problem and no extra postage, so if they seem very simple and lacking in embellishments, that is intentional! If you plan to use the cards on gifts or hand them to the recipients, you can always add bows and bling!

We would love to add a few people to the table and there is always room for "to-go" folks, so just send me an email to RSVP or give me a call to join us next month on Wed., Sept. 11 at 7 pm or to reserve your packet.

Happy Stampin,
Dee Tollaksen

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