Saturday, February 11, 2017

Chocolates. . . and marshmallows and more!

It really doesn't matter how you remember, as long as you remember. As a rubber stamper and card maker, I try to remember to send a card. But my family will testify, I am not a super good keeper of dates. So please don't be like me, send your loved ones a Valentine! And I will go get a pen and send some of these out in the mail ASAP!

I attended a conference last weekend with some very talented Stampin' Up! demonstrators and these are some of the red & white 3D swaps I collected. They include suckers, s'mores, Hersheys kisses, a pencil, a teeny mailbox, a full size Hershey bar, some Ghiradelli chocolate and more!

I think the heart shaped marshmallows, top left, with the square of graham cracker and a bit of chocolate, are the best. When I ran into Aldi last night, just to get a gallon of milk, a bag of heart shaped marshmallows jumped into my cart! To be honest, why did I take a cart? That gallon of milk cost $40 and that was at Aldi! The milk, and cookies and creamer and many many other items that somehow jumped into that cart and followed me home all needed a good home in my pantry, but those marshmallows were the most needy!

If you haven't got any pink marshmallows or Valentine cards made, I have emergency provisions available. And I've got milk and cookies. Come on over! Just call first, so I can put on a pot of tea.

Happy Stampin'
Dee Tollaksen

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