Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Funny story, easy coloring, peek-a-boo card. . . and it's all From the Herd again today!

Cute little bird peeking through the front of this card shouting, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" We know it is shouting because it's in all caps, right?! And when you flip open the card, the message is actually from the whole herd! LOL

Such an easy and quick card, you do need to make it a top-folding card, so your circle punches fit  on the left side; normally the fold would be on the left and you couldn't punch there, so having the fold at the top solves that little issue. And if you're not big on coloring all the critters, just outlining them with a bit of grey gives them a bit of pizzazz but won't take all day. And the little bird is red, to brighten up the front of the card, but he is quick and easy, and the tufts of grass are green, again, quick and easy!

So here's my funny story: we were recently on vacation at a sunny resort with palm trees and tropical breezes and all kinds of bright and noisy birds. A group of us were chatting as we walked through the open halls of our building headed to breakfast, just going from the shaded walkway to the sunny sidewalk when. . . SPLAT . . . I was bombed by some roosting mama bird practicing her human target shooting and she got a direct hit. Thankfully it was on my arm and I could wash (and wash and wash) it off, not my hair or clothes.  The next time we came out of the building, I noted the sidewalk was splattered with misses and we found an alternate route to breakfast! Blue Bird of Happiness, my foot!

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Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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