Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Double Duty

Nobody likes to make sympathy cards, but it is such a relief to have a nice one in your stash when you need one. So we discussed the design techniques of creating an effective sympathy card, and it was interesting to hear what the ladies in Stamp Club had to say.  I have seen so many cards on blogs that have rhinestones and ribbons and layers and flowers and glitter. . . to me the sympathy card is a challenge of simplicity. You want a lovely card, but no bling, nothing that makes a card feminine or masculine, nothing fancy.

I think this card gives us a little color but not too much, is pleasing to the eye, but not extravagant, one layer, a nice sentiment. And now the club members have a sympathy card in their stash, or a nice sample they can copy.

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Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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