Saturday, May 4, 2013

6 shades of pink

It took me a while to figure out this Swallowtail stamp, but now I can't stop! I wasn't sure if the butterfly should be a background image and how to build over it. It is so highly detailed, and it doesn't fit on the face of a card. . . but I think that is the idea. It needs to spill-over, to go beyond.

You may remember that my stamping group had an ombre challenge, this was the second idea that I offered. I had already cut all the circles and cardstock for the card I shared yesterday, so I brought this along for inspiration. This would have been much less work! But I am happy with both options.

This is one of those cards that I can't figure out how to put a sentiment on the face, so it won't get one. It is always such a shame when a lovely card is ruined by a sentiment forced into the design, so you can just write happy birthday on the inside!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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  1. You're right about that. I always think you need to identify what the card is about on the front. But why not keep the suspense alive for a bit longer until the recipient opens it up!