Friday, August 10, 2012

"Bee" preserved

Have you ever listened to a speaker that resonated completely with your state of mind? In July I enjoyed a talk that spelled out the differences between Baby Boomers and the GenX and GenY members. We laughed our butts off, being Boomers and comparing ourselves with younger people.

The speaker, Jason Dorsey, was first thing on the agenda, and he is a GenY guy. He was invited to come over prior to his time slot to check over the location. . ."seriously? I am speaking at 8 o'clock. . . in the morning! And you think I might want to come over early?!"

While all of us had already been out to breakfast, swapping cards and stories, waiting in line to be allowed into the presentation--because we are Boomers and have a completely different mind-set!

This darling preserving jar makes me feel so happy, all the things I can stamp that coordinate with a preserving jar! And let me enjoy the nostalgia of my youth, just by brainstorming around one simple image. Look for many more cards and techniques featuring this stamp set! And I hope that it makes you feel nostalgic, whether you are a Baby Boomer, GenX or GenY!

Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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