Monday, July 9, 2012

What the heck . . . x 3

It is just too dang hot. Seriously. People in Chicago are not conditioned to withstand 4 days of heat over 100*!!

Around 10:30 on July 3, a skunk decided to join us in the cool house. And who can blame him? He jumped into the window well and was trying to scratch his way into the basement. Seriously. When my brave husband went out to discourage him, yes, you know it, he sprayed. So out came the shovel, and the husband won the war, but the battle was a draw.

All snug in our air conditioned rooms, we went to sleep with dreams of fireworks in our heads (and stench in our noses.) About 6 am, the cool started to dissipate. Our power went out. Maybe the varmint patrol took offense. I think a squirrel knocked out a transformer. Only 7 houses on our block were dark (and hot). But ComEd was awesome and got here quick and fixed us up before we had to resort to emergency options. It was over 100* again, so we were going to have to figure something out.

So off we go to a BBQ party. You guessed it, the fun wasn't done. When we came home there was some car shuffling to be done, getting all the cars put away for the evening, including a guest's vehicle. I noticed that the end of the driveway was all wet, but no rain seemed to have fallen. Oh no, the water main under our driveway had broken. Call the city. Really. July 4, 100*+ and we have a broken main.

The guys showed up at 1:00 am (pay attention now, it is the middle of the night) and start jack hammering our driveway! And using the crane/digger thing, dump trucks and a giant light so they could see as if it was high noon!

So, things happen in 3s and we are all done now. Skunk, power outage and water main.

How was your Independence Day?

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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