Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lottery Winners Welcome

I almost drove off the road laughing when  my brain finished processing the sign outside the tool store yesterday, "Lottery Winners Welcome."

You know how hotels have welcome signs for conventions and the high school will welcome parents to open house, my eyes just kind of passed-over the sign at the tool store, then the humor finally sank in. Well, those Lottery Winners are Welcome here too!

And for the rest of you, here is the deal Stampin' Up! is offering for July: An exclusive stamp set, available in July only, for only $5 as an add-on to any order of $50 or more. I have to figure out how to get a picture off my Iphone into the blog to share the card I made, but it is a fun and super cute stamp set.

Don't try to read the flyer, I'm a bit technology flustered this morning and I can't grab a good copy. But I wanted you to see how cute the stamps are. It is 2-step-stampin set, with outlines and then insides of each flower, and the insides are gradient, so you will get a very natural looking flower, with ease!

Come back tomorrow, July 1 for a Birthday Deal. My birthday, your deal. A one day sale. Don't miss it!

Happy Stampin'
Dee Tollaksen

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