Friday, April 27, 2012

Stationary Set day 3

Sheesh, I think some cloud cover must have passed over my desk when I took this picture, a lot of shadow! But you can tell that the vase of flowers is stamped on Stampin' Up! glossy white card stock, adding a little shine and pretty-ness to this card!

We used the Button Buddies stamp set to make 4 cards and enclosed them all in card stock folder. These cards make a lovely and affordable gift set. What a nice way to say "thanks" for a thoughtful favor or for a teacher or coach! I know I will be employing this idea soon.

My husband has been dealing with the early spring by hauling out the lawn mower weeks early. He is very disciplined about getting the blade sharpened and changing the oil and all that maintenance stuff. And yet, he got half way through the yard and it quit. So he took it to the shop and borrowed the neighbors mower to finish our yard.

Brought it home, looking fresh and clean. Next weekend, pulled it out and same thing. Half the yard and it quit. The shop was able to replace the $1.69 spring and get it back in action quickly, but the neighbor's machine was borrowed AGAIN to finish our yard.  I think the least we can do for her is present a nice stationary set. And maybe a gallon of gas!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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