Thursday, March 15, 2012

Technique swap (2nd group)

This blossom punch and matching stamp set are just fabulous, and very popular!

If you are thinking about adding these to your collection, there are just two weeks left in the mini catalog and then .. . . we may be saying goodbye to these flowers. We never know if a stamp set will be discontinued after the mini catalog or if  Stampin' Up! will repeat the offering in the main catalog.

The technique used in this card is . . . ummm. . . well, the flowers are adhered to the front panel then the whole panel is embossed in a folder on the Big Shot. There is a name for the technique but it escapes me right now. Julie brought this pretty card to our shoebox swap. So springy, right?
 Love the sunflower and a really fun technique. Lora embossed the flower in white embossing powder, then we used the pastel chalks to add color. Just use a q-tip or sponge applicator to rub the yellow and green onto the black cardstock in the spaces left open in the embossed are. Super simple, and super cute.

Love it!
This technique is bleach stamping. Hooray for me, I managed to name the simple one! All you need to do is carefully pour some household bleach onto a stack of paper towels and "ink up" your stamp in the bleach and stamp onto dark cardstock.

The chemistry of bleach is affected by oxygen, so it does it job, but it goes impotent very quickly. So the work stops on your card, the bleach won't continue to eat through the card stock or bleed off the image. BUT, your paper towels lose their effectiveness very quickly. If you are doing a stack of cards, put the paper towels into a closed container, open to ink your stamp, then close again, to minimize the oxygen contact.

Brenda brought this card, and I always love when someone else demonstrates this technique. I always ruin my shirt when I mess with bleach, so thanks! to Brenda.

Anytime you want to try a new technique or an old technique that is new to you, just leave me an email or a comment and I'll be glad to work with you and get you busy stamping!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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