Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks SU

My stamp camp friends are quite used to breezing in and completing 4 or 5 cards in an hour or so. Including chit chat, show & tell, patting the dog and all the typical visiting that goes on when women get together.

This past class was a "copy the catalog" theme, and what a difference the class was! There is nothing in this catalog that can be accomplished so quickly. Every card requires detailed cutting, there are layer upon layer of embellishment, the Big Shot is a necessity, and there are many techniques on every card!

It was a quiet room, with much concentration happening!  For example, notice the tone-on-tone background, the detail cutting of the pineapple thingy and the monogram, the faux-stitching on the crumbcake panel and the leaves cut on the Big Shot. And this wasn't the extreme example!

Everyone left with a bag of gorgeous, professionally designed cards, but I think it might have been more of a challenge than any of us expected!

One more to see tomorrow, then we will move on!
Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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