Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sanitizer Present

OMG, oh my goodness, this is the cutest idea since sliced bread. Really!  This darling project is on Erica's blog, a simple, knockout tutorial and great idea! Here's the link ...

Did I tell  you I was knocked for a loop with strep throat this week? So when I ventured out after 3 days of isolation, I brought this to my host, just to acknowledge that I had been sick and she might want to sanitize her hands! Bath & Body has these cuties on sale right now!

And the inside of my project isn't as cute as Erica's, but who really looks at the inside?

Remember that your cardstock, stamps and ink are great for much more than cards! And always bring a hostess gift!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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  1. Dee, I love the theme you chose! Perfect for the Tart and Tangy Stamp Set! I love it and thinks for the shout out!! ;-)