Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fork Bow

Do you have one of these? A potato masher? Or a large  fork, serving or turkey lifter?  I am loving this fabulous potato masher!  It helps me make this beautiful red satin bow!  Want to know how? Let's see if I can describe it using pictures and words.
The Fork Bow, on the Potato Masher!

I like to leave the ribbon attached to the bolt. I don't like to waste any, and I don't want to cut it too short, so, I leave it on the bolt.

Thread the ribbon over the ribs, I don't know what these mashing wires are called, so I am going to call them ribs.

See how the loose end of the ribbon goes over the bolt end and then through the ribs to the inside of the masher?

Same step, just a little different view. Want you to see exactly where all the lengths of ribbon are.

Pull that loose ribbon end  through the ribs. You can use your right hand. I had to use my right hand to take pictures. But you can use both hands! It should make the job easier!!

Now pull down on the spool end of the ribbon. You want the circle of ribbon to be snug on the ribs. Not crazy tight, but snug. It should be clinging to the masher. It shouldn't be falling off the masher.

Get the two ends ready to tie. If you want to finagle (I know that finagle isn't a real word, but you know what I mean), yes, finagle the two ends so they aren't twisted. This is your opportunity to make the knot square and smooth.

Tie the two ends. Now you have a bow. And it is attached to a potato masher.

See it? Fabulous? Lovely? Ready? Just slide it off!

And then attach it to your card!  By wrapping the loose end around the back and taping it down. Of course, you will now need to trim the bow off the spool. Then wrap the second ribbon end around the back of the card. Now you can complete your masterpiece!

Any questions? Call me! or email! Get yourself some great ribbon by clicking here!
Happy Stamping!

Dee Tollaksen

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