Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Circle Circus and Acetate

I really want to offer a class using acetate, but I'm struggling to pull it together. You're thinking, what? This is an acetate card, but in real life, this is not so good looking. The acetate is so FULL of static electricity, you cannot emboss the images, the embossing powder is all over the place on the card.  Maybe I'll try without the embossing, and just let the white craft ink dry. Which should be fabulous in a class setting. "Okay, ladies, stamp, don't smear anything, then let it sit for about six years while the ink dries on the non-porous surface."

Well, I like the concept, and I guess I just have to figure out the details.  If you have any sure-fire resolutions, please HELP me!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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  1. Hi. When I stamp on acetate I use the white stazon pad instead of the craft ink. Personally I think the stazon dries faster than the craft ink does, but I haven't tested it. The card idea looks beautiful it would be a wonderful part of an acetate class if you could figure out the inking situation. :D