Saturday, September 24, 2016

Did your Mom teach you to check the clearance rack first?

 Cloudy, with a chance of clouds. Have you noticed that my blog posts seem to start with a weather report? I don't live for the weather, not at all, but my conversation starters seem to all center on the current weather. Something to work on!

I LOVE the Thoughtful Branches bundle and I'm so happy to tell you that there are still a few available, but it is only while supplies last and no one is saying how many there are, so if you're thinking about this beautiful hydrangea -- better jump on it while you can! Just CLICK HERE and then click on "shop now" then search for "thoughtful branches."

While you're over there, in my on-line shop, check out the CLEARANCE RACK! The initial offering of photopolymer stamps, our test offering, are on clearance. They never were published in any catalog so you may not have been introduced to them, but they are super cute, and are a fabulous deal right now, at HALF PRICE!!!

If you have a small order and you live near me, you can always email or call your order in, I can tag it on with other orders to save on shipping. If you order online and spend a bunch on shipping, I'll send you a thank-you so at least you will know that Stampin' Up, UPS and I all appreciate your purchase!

Banner Blessings (136720; $15.95) $7.98
Bite Me (134622; $13.95) $6.98
Bombs Away Birthday (133411; $13.95) $6.98
Christmas Tagables (134623; $14.00) $7.00
Countless Sayings 1  (135892; $13.95) $6.98
Dear Heart (138157; $25.95) $12.98
Eye-Catching Ikat (134624; $13.95) $6.98
Gentle Peace (139523; $15.95) $7.98
Greetings From (134621; $13.95) $6.98
Map It Out (134620; $13.95) $6.98
Settin’ Sail (133453; $13.95) $6.98
Show & Tell 1 & 2 (133450; 133481; $13.95) $6.98 each
Wanderlust (133452; $13.95)$6.98

Make something pretty and give it away! Happy Stampin'
Dee Tollaksen

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