Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Messin' around with the boards

 I have been so busy busy with a million projects, they just need to be completed and photographed. But the sun has left me high and dry and I have definitely not adjusted to these shorter days! Yuck.

So, here are a couple super cute projects I managed to complete, using the Gift Bag Punch Board. This tool costs just $20, makes darling gift bags, very EASY and cute. But then you can whip out a bunch of other awesome gift packaging.

This box is substantial and super pretty. I feel like I could make a big pile of them without losing a finger, or getting a migraine. Sometimes a bride or hostess will ask for a box or bag to be used as a party favor, and I'll cringe because it is so difficult to assemble. . . but this one is just super easy!

And then I applied the same principle to the wine bottle wrap, and it works beautifully. After Halloween comes and goes, you will be thinking Christmas, so keep this in mind! It is quick and easy and looks great! Wrap up a bottle of wine, olive oil, bath oil or hand soap, add a tag and your gift looks like a million bucks!

I am determined to finish up all the projects on my table, get pictures of them and share them, and SOON, so look out!

Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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