Monday, August 17, 2015

Stamping stuff posted here

 I will totally apologize right now to all of you who thought you were going to see some kind of fabulous transformation other than a stamping kit when you visited my last blog post. I fully expected my pictures to be shared on facebook, not just a tease of  the blog post headline, making you come here to see the kit when you thought you were going to see something more dramatic. I don't know what you were looking for, but my visitors statistics went through the roof! Someone tell me, and I'll try to help you out!

I did lose some weight, but the photos are not that exciting, there is a turkey-lurkey chin,bat-wing arms and a smile that goes from ear-to-ear! Nobody wants to see anything more than that, I guarantee!

Now when it comes to transforming card stock into super cute cards, snowmen and penguins certainly help out in the cute department!

 These guys are a sneak peek from the Snow Place stamp set and framelits that will be in the Holiday catalog starting September 1st. I attended a fun & exhausting stamp-a-thon Saturday where we were invited to make 20 cards. These were 20 over-the-top cards, and I made about 12, brought home 7 to finish, and called one of them a total hopeless case that just was never gonna get made. Out of the question. So, over the next week we will be looking at 19 great cards --all from 5 stamp sets that I DID NOT order!

And I ordered a BUNCH of stuff!

So come back here when you get your hands on a catalog, and CASE (copy and steal everything) these cards that we made!

Call me or leave a comment and I'll be happy to get you a catalog!

 Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen


  1. It was quite a day, wasn't it?! Sorry about the one you gave up on. Do you need a picture of it or did you take one on Saturday so you can make it at home? Hope to see you again at our next event! --Cindi Copeland

  2. Glenda TravelsteadMonday, 17 August, 2015

    Curious minds...well the one in charge of designing those cards... wants to know... what one was "totally hopeless" Hope you had a fun time, I sure missed everyone! Glenda Travelstead xo