Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy New Catalog Year!

The new Stampin' Up! Catalogs have arrived. I have yours, just leave me a comment and we can meet to arrange to exchange!

But you have to promise that you won't judge. . . I am just a tad crazy! This card and sentiment might be my favorite of all time! So irreverent. Loaded with gold embossing powder, but smooshed up to look like rust. A bit of pretty lace and a bit of burlap. And of course "Just be crazy!"

Best week of the year -- we registered for the Stampin' Up! convention this week. So I know that I get to go to Salt Lake City and spend 5 days with my stampin' friends partying and crafting and loading up my suitcases with stamps and samples. The only thing better would be if you would join us. You're invited, what's holding you back? Let's talk, leave me a comment and I'll answer your questions!

Happy Stampin'
Dee Tollaksen

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