Friday, January 30, 2015

Pretty teal heart of wood

Oh, what fun it is to see a card and try to figure out how did they do that? And succeed!

I saw this baby on Instagram. If you aren't using this yet, your eyes are missing a real treat! But I digress. So I saw this card, and I put down my Ipad, ran to my craft supplies and tried a few things, then a couple more. And finally figured out the best way to get just the heart shaped image from the background stamp. And keep the rest of the card nice and clean! So beautiful! And I just adore the Banner Blessings stamp set that the bible verse comes from.

What? You want me to tell you? Well, it isn't with the brayer, that was messy and used a lot of ink and got all over my hands. And it isn't masking, because who has a piece of sticky post-it note that is as big as a card to mask the whole heart and keep it in place? So I don't think there is an official name but it is a modified mask technique, I guess. I put the mask onto the large background stamp, inked up the stamp with the ink pad; removed the mask and then stamped onto the card. Perfect!

Back to Instagram: it is intended for posting from your cell phone: take a picture, add a short comment, maybe a keyword (with a # in front of it) for easy searching. The Kardashians keep posting stupid stuff, but your friendly card makers are posting all kinds of cute ideas that you might like! So go take a look, and search for #dtollaksen or #stampinup or #handmade  You will be pleasantly surprised! If you like it you can sign up, follow me and maybe follow some other talented Instagrammers, just for the inspiration!

I'm working on a tutorial for the Owl Punch. Anyone interested in holding a party to help me work out the kinks in my plan? Help!

Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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