Saturday, December 20, 2014

Take a Christmas card break

December 20, and we are all on Christmas overload, aacckkkk!  Here is a little break for your eyes.

At Stamp Club this month we made a pretty card for "any occasion" with Work Of Art stamp set featuring vellum. Vellum is one of those cool mediums that we all love and have in our stash, but it can be difficult to work with.

We discovered that if you fold it too vigorously it will completely fall apart at the fold! If you use a generous amount of adhesive, it shows through, so plan ahead. In our case we punched the feature sentiment for the front of the card and a matching element for inside the card, to disguise the adhesive.

The rectangle with the chevron is actually a mini-card inside the vellum card. The adhesive is on the back of the mini card, so we didn't care too much that it might show at the back of the card, but just don't go crazy with a lot of glue, and it isn't a problem.

Everything on this card is available in the main Stampin' Up! catalog. But if you have anything on your wish list that is in the Holiday Catalog, don't sit on that wish too long! Those items go away in just a few days! January 5 is the last day to order, and sometimes they sell out before the end of the order period. Feel free to shop now, while you're in the holiday shopping mode anyway! Let Santa bring it for you! Shop here online Or just give me a call! My number is up in the left-hand corner.

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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