Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh Boy!

Sure, it has been a while since you have seen anything crafty, but I have been BUSY!

While my son and his wife have been  in the craziest stage of their life, I have been on the sidelines, praying for them and trying to keep the home-fires calm and stable. He finished his contract with the USMC and they moved across the country, both of them found new jobs, they are pregnant, living in a sublet, looking at houses. So you can only imagine the stress!

They were home this weekend for a round of baby showers, so many hugs and smiles and well wishes! Absolutely the most joyful of visits imaginable! And now we have a month of real estate details to deal with. And then the baby!

So you can see the pretty wall hanging I made them, using the stamp set Something for Baby. Let's get together and make these for the babies in your life, it is a darling gift for a shower or birth! Leave a comment and we can set up a date!

My local grocer made the delish cake pops and I added the cute little ducks to the pop sticks.

We used the Big Shot to cut the treat boxes and filled them with cookies from a bakery. My son and his wife are both athletes. They met when they were life guards one summer. So we had a bit of a sports theme and held the shower at the sports theme restaurant in our neighborhood.

 There was a little banner we made with some help from the Big Shot also.

Tomorrow I leave for the Stampin' Up! convention in Salt Lake City. I have a ton of pictures of my swap cards and the prep that went into them. I know I'll have more pictures from convention. So July has been very slow here, but in a couple days, you'll be treated to an onslaught, so buckle up!

Happy Stampin!
Dee Tollaksen


  1. Baby Shower at Sports Page.... seriously the best idea ever. I love that place (so much so that I can recognize it just from the pictures.) Oh, the decorations are adorable too (OF COURSE!)

  2. Everything looks adorable. So sorry I missed it!

  3. Looking good Tollaksens

  4. Wow! What a crew of youngsters! Looking good...