Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Multiple Choice options

Same supplies, three different results! At July Stamp Club I offered a simple but elegant wedding card, but heard before Club Day that some members had no weddings in their immediate future and didn't really need a wedding card in their stash.

So I made sure to bring the whole Big News stamp set and encourage them to "think outside the box" and switch things around, which they did! The beautiful Gold Soiree DSP (designer series paper) has bold prints on the reverse side, so some members kept their cards in the elegant gold and others flipped the paper for the bold green colors.

While I was off to convention, my blog had an outstanding time, showing off my beautiful Daughter-in-law and handsome son. Lots of you visited to see the baby shower pictures and to be treated to their smiling faces. So I guess you like my family pictures. . . and if that is why you visit, I will try to keep sharing! But there just aren't that many of us living here anymore.

So until the baby arrives,  it will have to be pictures of Marky! Here he is, being anxious because I was packing to leave for Convention. If you have a terrier, you know that when a suitcase comes out of storage, they take it personally and believe you are leaving them forever. He moved into his kennel and cried alligator tears all day. It was pretty pitiful. He's over it now and very glad I came home!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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