Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Shoebox Swap day 3

When I unpack all the gorgeous holiday cards, after the shoebox swap event, and after I have admired them all, there is the small task of matching the designer to the right card.  Some of the designers make it easy by putting a post-it on the back or actually stamping their personalized rubber stamp on the back. Then there are a few that I have coached on their design and helped with production, therefore I know which of them matches which card.

So most of the cards I am confident that I have matched correctly with the designer. But then there are a few that I have to wrack my brain to remember who I discussed a silver filigree & snowflake tree embossed on lavender paper. . . who the heck made this fab card? I think it is Debbie. I'm pretty sure it was her that handed me this great card featuring a non-traditional color combo with just the right amount of silver shine. But if I'm wrong, someone please correct me!

The next card is teensy bit more traditional, using a navy blue base but it bumps up the bling! I'm sure Carole brought this one. It is a stunning use of silver glimmer paper, the 1/8" silver ribbon, one fabulous embellishment but hold on to your hat, she used silver card stock for the base. That jumps the WOW factor up off the charts! And just the right amount of shimmer spritz brings the front of the card into the right balance of bling.

It is so fun to see these gorgeous cards from my stamping friends, because we sit together and make the cards that I have designed 99% of the time. When I invite them out of that comfort zone, they really shine!

Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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