Monday, July 1, 2013

Alcohol for spritzing- rubbing alcohol vs vodka

The design was taking a definite path toward "masculine" when suddenly, a big ol' flower demanded attention. I guess you could still send this Washi tape card to your favorite guy, he knows it was handmade by a gal, right? Maybe sub in a star shape instead of the flower?

We had fun in class copying this sample, using the spritzer with a bit of Crumb Cake ink & alcohol to add color to the background. We used Naturals cardstock since it is sturdy enough to handle a bit of moisture. I wouldn't recommend Whisper White since it is compressed to a thinner thickness.

I mentioned yesterday that my class was especially lively, right? It has been officially decided that rubbing alcohol is nowhere near as fun as vodka, therefore, all future projects that require alcohol in a spritzer will feature vodka, and the Crumb Cake ink is totally optional. And every student will require her own spritzer. And maybe a bit of lemonade or orange juice would be nice.  And wouldn't it be nice if we always have spritzers on the table, even if the cards aren't being spritzed? Oh my goodness, I love my customers!

Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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