Saturday, April 27, 2013

Keepsake keeper

Hoarding. Has this concept just recently become a media darling? I sometimes stumble across the Hoarders show when surfing the cable line-up, and it impossible to look away. Do you have a fear of being a hoarder? Is your ribbon collection threatening to strangle you? Is your paper stockpile starting to spillover? Do you have bits of this-n-that stuffed in your junk drawer?

I retrieved a sturdy box from my stash (a nice word for hoard) and made a Christmasy Keepsake Keeper. I can now keep a few pictures, some recipes, pretty scraps of ribbon or a broken ornament. Stash it all away then display on a shelf or as part of a tablescape.

I am imagining this same box in a spring color scheme, fall textures, maybe a graduation decor or a new baby with pink or blue ribbon. Maybe a booky theme, with all the scraps of book lists and recommendations that are falling all over my desk. Imagine one in white and lace for a bride!

I have a good stash of boxes, maybe you want to have a friend or two join you and I will bring all the supplies and we can make a couple of these Keepsake Keepers. Just leave a comment and I'll call you!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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  1. Beautiful Dee! I've digging through and purging my own stash/hoard over the past couple of weeks. Making room for the new stuff. :-)