Saturday, September 15, 2012

There is a moral, if you read to the end.

Everyone who has a craft addiction also has some fabric, right? And we keep every last little smidgeon of it, because "it could be useful later." Right?

This darling fabric embellishment proves that we have been correct all along. I took a couple 6 x 1" scraps, twisted them up and used Sizzex adhesive sheets to create flowers.  All you do is twist twist twist, then roll starting from the center.

Here is Teresa demonstrating on her project from Stamp Club.
Just twist and roll and stick to the adhesive.

I had a bit of trouble the first time, resting my fingers to hold the whole combination, but when you rest your hand, it sticks to the adhesive, and the adhesive then comes up when you pick up your hand and then there isn't anything to hold the fabric. So be careful!

Here is one more shot of a nearly finished flower, still stuck on the adhesive:

You can just snip off the end of the strip whenever you get aggravated finished.

Then carefully pry the whole flower up off the adhesive and quickly press it onto your card. Some of the Stamp Club cards had flowers that were 2 inches wide and some of the cards had flowers that were 3/4" wide!

Moral: some people are willing to fuss with adhesive more than other people!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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