Saturday, April 21, 2012

All Packed for Baby

I received the four-pack of "All Packed for . . ." stamps as a prize from Stampin' Up!, but I've been stumped on how to use them. Then I ran across a card that just sent me running for my craft room. I love the soft colors, the tag shape and the water coloring! I wish there had been a signature across the card so I knew who to thank for the inspiration. Let me know if you recognize your work!

We stamped the image onto watercolor paper using Stazon ink, because it won't bleed when wet. Then we used the watercolor crayons and an aqua pen (or paint brush) to paint. The aqua pen has a water chamber in the handle, so you never need to wet the brush. It makes painting so much easier.

 In the middle of this class, my Big Shot decided to seize up. No warning or anything. Unless you mean the squeaky crank or the stiff turning. I mean it had only been squeaking for a couple of months or so. I had been squirting WD40 into the handle and praying for relief. I turn that crank every day, about a jillion turns, so the squeaking was kind of annoying.

And now I have 5 ladies here and the card requires 3 turns through the Big Shot to emboss all those darling little hearts onto the stripes of card stock.

So we survived. But barely. The next day I called Sizzix, the Big Shot company. They are super nice and my Big Shot is way out of the 3-year warranty period. But they sent me a part for just $5.

Tune in tomorrow to see what happened to the Big Shot. And believe me, it will be worth it!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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