Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Cleanup

 We barely decorated for Christmas this year. Somehow the busy-ness of the season snuck up on me! Combine that with the over-active Boston Terrier who lives here, work obligations and stamping fun, the tree never got unpacked. We did manage to set up a small pre-lit tree, with a few new ornaments, and lights outside.

But our best decoration this year were the cards we received. There were many and they are lovely. I think they got special attention this year, since it was our primary decoration. I displayed them on a wreath in the kitchen and in a big frame in the dining room. We did enjoy each and every one of them.  Then comes the big decision about what to do with them after the holiday. Thanks to Pinterest, I made a booklet of them, to stash away with the decorations, or to keep on the bookshelf for year round enjoyment.

All I did was cook up a cute cover in the MDS program (My Digital Studio) and print it on my home printer. Then I punched holes in the cover and in every card and used binder rings to hold it all together. So simple and awesome. Now all my 2011 cards are bound together, with Catherine's Joy card peeking out at the front. Next year I will know exactly who took the time to keep our house jolly and they will definitely be on my mailing list.

My apologies to all who usually get a card from us. We just didn't accomplish that goal this year. Please forgive and look for our card next year.

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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