Monday, November 14, 2011

BLING headbands

 No stamping today, but I sure used a lot of my stamping tools!

These sparkly headbands are all ready for the Holiday Gift Shop table I'll be setting up soon. My DD helped me search out the bling-tastic headbands. I knew I wanted to offer a fabric flower attached to a headband, and we know the kids at the Shop are K-6th grade, so we thought these bright shiny headbands would be perfect.

When I went looking for silver fabric, Halloween fabric was marked down drastically, just look at how shiny and bling-tabulous this is!

All I did was run the super shiny (and slippery) fabric through the Big Shot with the circle die. It cut through 8 or 10 layers of fabric with ease, giving me a mountain of circles.

The technique is a little risky, but having years of Boy Scout training, I was successful. You have to sit a candle in the center of your workspace and touch the edges of every circle to the flame, melting the edges and making them warp/melt.

 I used FabricTack glue to attach the layers of each flower then Crystal Effects glue from Stampin' Up! to attach the flower to the headband.

These pictures may not be the most flattering, but you can see that every flower is unique, the headbands are all done, and the bling level in my stamp room is "DANGEROUSLY HIGH!!!"

I am sure these will sell fast! I am even tempted to run back to the store and buy more headbands, cause there were plenty extra flowers. But what will I do with these if they don't sell out? Maybe the Marines can use them for Toys for Tots?  Great idea!  I'm off to the store.

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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