Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baking a little love

Are you a fabulous cook? A bountiful baker? Or a holiday chef?

As much as I like to bake, the problem is that I also like to eat all the goodies. So I try not to make too many, or bake when I have an occasion to share!  The pillow gift boxes are perfect for sharing a few bites of fudge, a special cookie or a fancy brownie.

Of course they are perfect for a little jewelry, a bit of cash or the keys to a brand new car.  (If you're going to ask for a gift, go for something good!)

We will be making two of these at the Holiday Extravaganza on Sunday Dec 4, I hope you will be here to join in the fun! Just leave me a comment, a call or an email and I'll save you a seat!

Happy Holidays!
Dee Tollaksen

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