Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New artwork!

A pretty standard card, except for that rose. I made that rose from ribbon!
If you like a lot of fussy detailed work, you will love this project! This is not one I will be teaching in any class, unless you specifically want to learn ribbon roses. It is not simple or easy.  Here are the basics: select a 14" piece of ribbon. Snip it at every inch, nearly all the way across, but don't cut the ribbon all the way or you'll have two small lengths and that won't work!  Then go  back to every snip and trim the corners so they are petal-like.

Then heat each petal with your embossing heat gun until they curl, but not too much or they will melt into a rayon glob. Then prepare a piece of cardstock with some very stick adhesive, scotch doublestick tape will work. Beginning at the center, start twirling the ribbon onto the tape/cardstock and fussing with it until it looks like a rose. Voila. Ha!

I made 14 of these while on my car trip last week. And I will not be making any more. Yikes! Hope the ladies I swapped with at conventional appreciate the work and understand that it is not a demonstratable technique!

Happy Stamping!
Dee Tollaksen

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