Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

From Our Hearts is a little group of stampers, sending beautiful handmade cards to Afghanistan and Iraq via military chaplains. Recently I had a few VIP customers over for dinner and a night of card making. We converted about 100 card samples into completed cards, matched each with a blank envelope and sealed them tightly into a clear plastic envelope. Now each card is ready for a member of our military to select, personalize and mail home to their loved ones. In these countries, our military members do not have access to any kind of conveniences they are accustomed to having, and a PX or Hallmark store are far from their new residence.

This small effort on our part shows that we support them and recognize their sacrifice. Much of the deployed military population are men, and many of them are Fathers, certainly all of them have or had Fathers. Please say an extra prayer for them today, Father's Day, as they are far from their loved ones.

Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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