Friday, March 5, 2010

Flag Day

Recently, Jen Del Muro of SplitCoast  Stampers posted a tutorial on glitter and Crystal Effects. I was so excited, because I love glitter, but I hate the mess. The card sheds forever and the artist and recipient pay the price! This technique lets us enjoy the card without wearing the glitter!  Yea Jen!!

And then I saw this great card in Paper Crafts book "A Card A Day" resembling the flag. Kinda fun!  I'm sure I'll be sending it to my son, the Marine, as soon as all the gooey substances are sufficiently dry and hard!

What I have done is applied white glue, here I used Tombow Multi adhesive. I used a paint brush to spread an even layer of the glue on the cardstock. Then sprinkle your glitter, here we see Dazzling  Diamonds. Then grab your Crystal Effects and cover the whole piece with a layer of Crystal Effects. And now for the hard part. Walk away. This is so hard for me. I want to make my card! But crystal effects requires time. No. Don't touch the heat gun, it just bubbles up and makes a big mess. Of course I tried it, what a catastrophe!  Go shower and eat breakfast. And go to work. And when you get home. . . voila! Your glitter project is ready to complete! As long as work lasts at least an hour or two.

If your crystal effects is all dried up and sad, call me and we can get an order in for all this good stuff during March, while you can still earn a free Sell-a-Bration gift!

Happy Stamping,
Dee Tollaksen

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